The I Support You movement is the parent-focused science communication arm of Infant Feeding Support UK. We want to support all new parents with safe, relevant and science based information that will speak to their individual needs and family circumstances. There’s no ideology here, just an understanding that we all feed our children differently and that we’re all feeding with love.

I Support You originated in America in 2013 and was the brainchild of Suzanne Barston, the Fearless Formula Feeder and author of Bottled Up, together with Kim Simon of Mama by the Bay and Jamie Lynne Grumet of I am Not the Babysitter.

The aim was to extend the support offered to breastfeeding mothers to all mothers. Suzanne wrote;

I think we should be taking [support] a step further. ALL new moms need support. Hell, all moms – those with toddlers, those birthing their fourth babies, those with teenagers – need support.

We couldn’t agree more, so, in early 2017, we reignited the movement. Inspired by Suzanne and driven by compassion (and a little bit of science), we support all parents and carers in their infant feeding decisions and stand together to feed our babies with love. Connect with us on social media to join the movement!

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Erin and Stephanie x