Call on your MP to ensure safe, evidence based infant feeding support for all families

Unicef UK and Alison Thewliss MP are promoting the Baby Friendly Initiative Call to Action campaign to which they are urging MP’s attend to pledge their support for breastfeeding and to champion the Baby Friendly Initiative Call to Action in the UK Parliament

While Infant Feeding Support UK are absolutely in agreement that we need to find a way to change breastfeeding support for the better we think this an excellent opportunity to really think about what safe, evidence-based and effective infant feeding support for all families should look like, and we’re not sure the BFHI makes the grade for reasons we outlined in our full response to the public consultation on the BFHI guidelines.

Take action now and urge your MP to work towards implementing a safe, effective and science based infant feeding policy that works for ALL families, no matter how they feed their babies.

In your own words – that’s super important, any text that’s identified as being block copy and pasted won’t get past the system – ask your MP to make a pledge to:

  • Carry out an independent review on the evidence-base for each of the BFHI ten steps with a view to their suitability for UK families
  • Ensure that data on associated outcomes e.g., rates of readmission for breastfeeding complications such as mastitis and breast abscess, postnatal depression, hypernatremia, hyperbilirubinemia, hypoglycaemia etc. are consistently collected and considered so that the safety of any infant feeding initiative can be accurately measured. 
  • LISTEN to the experiences of all families, including those who nourish their babies using infant formula so that the UK can lead the way in safe, supportive and science-based infant feeding support

Taking action means we can ensure the best possible support for families who breastfeed, formula feed or choose a combination of the two. Every family has a voice, please help us ensure they are heard.

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