Call on your MP to ensure infant formula supplies are protected post-Brexit

Here at Infant Feeding Support UK we are concerned about recent media reports suggesting that infant formula could be subject to supply delays and tariffs following Brexit in March 2019. Infant formula provides the majority of babies in the UK with partial or complete nutrition and a scenario in which this would be affected will have catastrophic consequences on infant health.

We have written a letter to Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, outlining our concerns and urge you to contact your MP to do the same to ensure the health of UK babies is protected, regardless of the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

In your own words – that’s super important, any text that’s identified as being block copied and pasted won’t get past the system – ask your MP to act on behalf of UK families by urging Secretary Hancock to publish policy guidelines clearly outlining how the UK government will protect infant formula supply and prices post-Brexit.

Points you may want to cover:

  • why infant formula milk is important to your family
  • how a delay in formula supply may affect you and your family
  • how an increase in formula prices may affect you and your family

Taking action means we can ensure that the health of UK babies is protected. Every family has a voice, please help us ensure they are heard.

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